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Our favourite 500GB WD Blue SSD is down to $55 today

A swell storage deal.

I'll take any chance I get to talk about the excellent WD Blue SN550, because if you're in the market for a new NVMe SSD, there really isn't anything better for the money - especially when you can nab a 500GB one for just $55 over at Newegg today, putting this particular capacity at its lowest ever price.

You'll need to apply the promo code 93XPS82 at checkout to get the Blue SN550 at its discounted price of $55, otherwise you'll end up paying its regular cost of $60. Still, while a saving of $5 might not sound like much overall, that's still $5 cheaper than what you'll pay over at Amazon US right now, and it's definitely a whole lot better than opting for the smaller 250GB version, which has gone up in price from a very good $43 to a not very good $50 in just the last couple of days.

Besides, $55 is still the lowest price I've seen for the 500GB model of the SN550, and my Amazon price tracker confirms it. Indeed, the last time it was this cheap on Amazon was a single day back in March, where it dropped to $55 for 24 hours. Then it went back up to its usual price of $65, and has been fluctuating between $65 and $70 ever since. It was only during the middle of August it dropped to a steady $60, so in terms of historic pricing, it's still a pretty decent saving.

Unfortunately, Newegg's promo code only applies to the 500GB model of the Blue SN550, so you won't be able to use it to get a better deal on its other 250GB and 1TB size capacities. I should also note that while the 1TB model might look tempting at a supposed $25 off, it hasn't cost $130 in absolutely ages. In fact, $105 is pretty standard for the 1TB SN550 these days, although it can actually be found slightly cheaper elsewhere (namely Amazon) for $104 right now.

Alas, as you may have seen from my most recent update to our jumbo SSD deals hub, there's sadly no equivalent deal for those after a 500GB in the UK right now. Instead, the 500GB SN550 is currently sitting at £62 at Amazon UK, which isn't bad looking back at its historic prices that have tended to hover around the £70 mark ever since the middle of April, but it was only a couple of weeks ago that it dipped to a much more attractive £57.

The 1TB model isn't a particularly good buy in the UK right now, either, as this has also recently gone up to £108 on Amazon (which is sadly still the cheapest place around right now), having previously been just £95 for much of August.

Other SSDs are available, of course, so make sure you have a read of our regularly updated SSD deals hub to see all the best prices on other bits of RPS recommended storage before you buy.

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