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Our first look at the Halo TV series is actually quite good

It's due out next year

There he is! John Halo on the telly! That’s right, during The Game Awards we got our first look at the Halo TV series arriving next year. The trailer shows the Chief walk slowly towards a large obelisk. There’s a classic dunnn of the piano and a cool space-mushroom city. Plus lots of close ups of human faces. Honestly, it looks quite good.

While we’ve not got a confirmed release date, the Halo TV series is coming to Paramount+ sometime next year. This is after almost eight years in development, with word of its existence first surfacing in 2018, so I can’t help but see its arrival as a minor miracle.

In the trailer, it seems like Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone) narrates affairs, alluding to John Halo (Pablo Schreiber) as the chunky space-saviour we know and love, with lines like “we’re lost in the dark” teeing up “but you give people hope” nicely. We also see lots of zoom-ins on faces, including that of Soren-066 (Bokeem Woodbine) and a few other unnamed folks. Cortana (Jen Taylor) doesn’t feature here, but maybe we’ll see her in a future trailer looking all blue and hologram-ey. Elsewhere, lots of UNSC soldiers holding rifles and running forwards.

While it’s hard to see where the story’s going, the series looks set to chronicle the start of the war between humanity and the evil alien Covenant. The original Halo was set towards the end of this conflict, so it’ll be interesting if we get to see how things kicked off.

Overall, I’m excited to see more, which can only be a good thing. It really does feel like a rebirth for Halo, what with Infinite being fun and now Chief set to slam into screens. Not forgetting that Halo-themed Swarovski crystal helmet too. Cor, us fans are certainly being served.

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