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Outriders: how to interrupt enemies and bosses

Here's how to interrupt attacks from enemies in Outriders

Various abilities and attacks in Outriders can interrupt enemies, forcing them to abandon the ability they were about to cast that would've put rather a dampener on your day. Learning how to interrupt bosses and enemy attacks is an extremely useful skill in Outriders, so this guide will teach you everything you need to know about interrupting attacks.

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How to interrupt in Outriders

In Outriders, certain enemies will attempt to cast abilities while fighting you. If you can interrupt them while they are charging their ability, then the ability won't be released. You can tell an enemy is charging an ability because a progress bar will appear next to their health bar with the ability name in the bar.

To interrupt an attack in Outriders, you have to hit the enemy with an attack or ability that has the Interrupt keyword. There are multiple abilities for each class which have the Interrupt keyword in their description. To check if you have any, open your Skills menu and hover over each ability to see if any of them have the Interrupt keyword under "Type".

Basic melee attacks will also interrupt enemy abilities, no matter your character class. This is a fantastic way to interrupt attacks because meleeing can be done at a moment's notice and the interrupt acts fast, unlike some other interrupt abilities.

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An Outriders screenshot of the skills menu, with an ability with the Interrupt keyword highlighted.
Look for abilities with the "Interrupt" keyword and use them on an enemy when you see them charging up an ability.

If you're having trouble interrupting attacks, it may be that the ability you're using doesn't actually get to the interrupt part until later on in the effect. For example, if you're a Trickster using your starting Temporal Blade ability, then the interrupt effect will only happen when they take damage at the end of the ability's effect, rather than the moment you hit them.

In cases like these, you have two options if you want to interrupt an enemy's attack: either you resort to another faster-acting interrupt ability (or a melee attack); or you get some gear with a mod which gives one of your other abilities the Interrupt keyword. Keep an eye out for such mods, because they can prove an extremely powerful tool in your overall build loadout, particularly when it comes to interrupting attacks.

It's also worth looking closely at the skills in your class skill tree for effects which involve interrupting attacks. As you'll know if you've read our Outriders level cap guide, you only get 20 points to spend on your skill tree, so make sure you prioritise!

That's everything you need to know about how to interrupt bosses and enemies in Outriders! While you're here, why not check out our Outriders World Tier farm guide so you can quickly increase your World Tier level?

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