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Outriders max level: what is the endgame level cap?

Here's the max level you can reach in Outriders

Outriders, despite its bumpy landing and intermittent server issues, is proving to be a very solid new looter shooter. And many players who have been busily grinding through missions and enemies now want to know just how far they can push their character. What is the max level your character can reach in Outriders? What about enemy levels, and item level caps?

This quick Outriders max level guide will walk you through each of these endgame level caps, with explanations of how the levels change depending on your World Tier and Challenge Tier.

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Outriders max level: what is the endgame level cap?

The max level in Outriders is Level 30. If you're rushing the story then you might not quite reach this point by the time you finish the game, but if you're taking a bit more time completing side missions and the like, then you'll have a high chance of finishing the game with your character at max level.

This means that normally your max item level and enemy level is also Level 30. However, for this you've also got to take into account your World Tier and Challenge Tier. World Tier increases enemy and item levels beyond your own character level while playing missions, and Challenge Tier does the same for endgame expeditions and raids. This means your maximum possible item level and enemy level changes depending on your World and Challenge Tier:

  • Max enemy & item level: 30
  • Max enemy & item level at World Tier 15: 42
  • Max enemy & item level at Challenge Tier 15: 50

So the max level your character can reach is Level 30, but the maximum item level you can reach is Level 50. For more information on World Tiers, check out our guide to World Tier farming in Outriders.

It's also likely that DLCs and updates later on down the line will further increase the Outriders level cap and unlock more endgame options to boot. But until then, just know that 30 is the magic number.

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How many skill points do you get?

Over those 30 levels, your character will earn a grand total of 20 skill points, which you can use to unlock various benefits on your class skill tree. Your skill tree depends on which one of the four classes you chose at the end of the Outriders Prologue, but with just 20 skill points you'll never be able to unlock everything in any tree, so you'll have to prioritise and plan out your ideal build ahead of time.

That's the mystery of the Outriders level cap solved once and for all. While you're here, you may want to take a look at our page on how to use Auto Loot in Outriders.

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