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Over The Top: Gratuitous Tank Battles Beta Release

Much-anticipated RTS/sim/tower-defense game Gratuitous Tank Battles is now available, even though it's not entirely complete. The just-this-moment released beta can be yours if you preorder the finished version for $22.95. Currently only available direct from Positech, a purchase will last forever and ever, and there will also be a Steam key provided once the game is released there. Hurrah! In case you didn't know, Gratuitous Tank Battles imagines that WWI never ended, mixing trench warfare with laser rifles and mechs. A launch trailer nestles in the fox-hole below.

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The trailer itself points out some nifty features, which saves me having to do it myself. Well done, that trailer! If you didn't watch it, know this: map editor, unit creation, visual customisation, recording of battles, replaying battles from the opposite side, mods, online modes, TANKS EXPLODING.

Looking forward to this a great deal.

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