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Overgrowth Alpha Now A Playable Game

We've been following the development of Wolfire's Overgrowth with some interest. And rather crucially, it's now a playable game. The rabbit-laden strangeness in a remarkable self-made engine is pretty intriguing, and a new collection of videos show that off. Well, two of them do. One of them shows what happens when it goes wrong.

Brawling bunnies take advantage of the Phoenix engine's context-sensitive combat. Which means, throw one ragdoll limb at another in inventive ways. As these new videos demonstrate.

Wolfire are documenting every moment of their game's creation, including releasing videos that show every change that's been made in the latest build of their alpha. An alpha those who've pre-ordered can play. And the latest of these is pretty significant - it's now a playable game. Nowhere near finished, but levels can be loaded and played through.

Sometimes it gets a lot more complex, like this video explaining about AI pathfinding, and the options alpha testers can access to see the magic at work.

And I love this - the latest video demonstrates what went wrong in the process of skinning and animating the rabbits.

That last one - I want that one! Especially, I want a game that has a character in that condition due to an exciting story. Someone make that too.

You can pre-order the game for $29.95 from here. Which does seem a pretty hefty price tag for an indie alpha, but certainly one that's looking very impressive. And you can read Alec's interview with the team here. And read the game's comic here.

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