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Mighty Stumbling Mecha Co-op: Override

Yeah, it's Kickstarting

How do those mighty morphin' Power Rangers control their giant robot all together? Surely giving people control over one limb of a giant heavily-armed mecha will only end poorly for everyone and everything around them? Don't think of Override as a game on Kickstarter, as Kickstarter fatigue can spoil even the most fun idea - think of it as very real research into the future of Earth's defense against hostile robocrabs.

Override, see, is a city-saving mecha game with support for local co-op where up to four players control individual limbs of the honking great robotsuit.

Oh sure, developers The Balance Inc say you can play in single-player too, but why choose the easiest path in a physics-driven destruct-o game? No, give me flailing, give me falling, give me mayhem, give me destruction, give me citizens who are so angry with their self-appointed protector crushing their city that they chase me and my big lousy mecha out.

As well as obviously giant enemy robot fights, the sandbox world will have more civil-minded missions like rescuing whales and clearing traffic. Are these heroic duties or community service?

Override is on Steam Greenlight and, yes, on Kickstarter. The Balance are seeking $98,000 (£61k) to finish up, hoping to launch Override in October 2015.

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