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Overwatch 2 will reveal a new hero at today's Overwatch League Grand Finals

Tanks, I might tune in

There’s not long to wait until we find out who the next hero coming to Overwatch 2 will be, as Blizzard have revealed they’ll be announcing the character during the Overwatch League Grand Finals. They’re due to air tonight, November 4th, in the US, and in the early hours of tomorrow morning for people on the other side of the Atlantic. That leaves enough time to place your bets on who it’ll turn out to be.

Vid bud Liam enjoys Overwatch 2 despite it not being much of a proper sequel.Watch on YouTube

Blizzard tweeted a heads-up announcement about the hero reveal, along with details of a developer interview with lead hero designer Alec Dawson and art director Dion Rogers ahead of the finals. You can tune in to the Overwatch League Grand Finals today, November 4th, at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT on YouTube. That’s 2am GMT/3am CET tomorrow for viewers in the UK and Europe, if anyone’s getting up early to catch the fireworks.

We’ve known - since Blizzard released a roadmap for Overwatch 2 earlier this year - that a tank hero was coming in season two, which begins in December. Murmurings have suggested that the next Overwatch 2 hero, hero 36 for the game, will be Mauga. Mauga’s a Samoan character and former friend of support hero Baptiste, introduced in a short story back in 2019. Whoever the new hero is, they’ll be the first to join the game following season one’s trio of Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn.

Ollie had a fun enough time with the game for his Overwatch 2 review-in-progress, but didn’t think much of it as a sequel. “For a content update, Overwatch 2 does an absolutely phenomenal job. For a sequel, it feels pretty underwhelming,” he said. “I wonder, would it have been better to use chapters like Fortnite did? Something between a content update and a sequel?”

Overwatch 2 is a free to play download from Battle.net. Heroes take a fair bit of grinding.

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