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Overwatch 2's new hero is Ramattra, a shape-shifting Omnic tank

Coming December 6th

Overwatch 2's next hero was introduced during last night's Overwatch League Grand Finals, as planned. It's Ramattra, an Omnic war machine and Tank class hero who can shift between two different styles of fighting. There's an origin trailer and more details below.

Blizzard described Ramattra's ultimate goal as being "to protect his people", the Omnic robots, "but the cost of that goal is still to be determined." From the video above, the cost seems to be: murdering all the humans.

If you play as Ramattra, you'll do that via his two forms. In Omnic Form, Ramattra is more like a DPS hero, hassling enemies while fighting from a distance. If you switch into Nemesis form, however, Ramattra is a close-range brawler. "[In] the Nemesis form, you're rushing down the enemies, you're charging in there with these punches in the backline to try and get rid of some of their squishies," said lead hero designer Alec Dawson in a group interview with press before the reveal.

Ramattra was first seen by Overwatch players in the closing cinematic of the Storm Rising PvE event back in 2019, although he was an unnamed character at that point. Rumours of what the new Tank hero would be had focused instead on Mauga, a Samoan character also introduced in 2019 via a short story. Overwatch lore has a lot of peripheral characters to choose from.

You'll be able to play as Ramattra when he joins the Overwatch hero roster with the launch of season two on December 6th. That's assuming, of course, that you level up the battle pass enough to unlock him.

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