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Overwatch 2’s Season 2 brings more balance adjustments and a Greek god mode

Sounds like the Christmas-themed version of Blizzard World might be back, too

Free to play hero shooter Overwatch 2 welcomes Season 2 early next week, and with that comes some more hero balance changes and a new theme. This season, the game’s taking its inspiration from Greek mythology with a new time-limited mode, Battle For Olympus, giving the heroes some godlike powers early next year. You can take a look at some of what’s lined up for Overwatch 2 Season 2 in the trailer below.

We now have some idea of which heroes are being targeted for rebalancing in Season 2. First up is newbie Sojourn, who’s been dominating in competitive. She’ll see her railgun nerfed to encourage players to get closer in for combat. Doomfist is also high on Blizzard’s list of rebalances, which should improve his front-line performance. Blizzard also singled out Ana, Bastion (he exists!), Junker Queen, Kiriko, Mercy, and Symmetra for some fine-tuning. This little lot comes just a few weeks after the last batch of hero balance adjustments.

From January 5th to 19th, Overwatch 2 is getting a time-limited Battle For Olympus mode. I briefly flashed back to the early Nineties and weeks spent playing NES game The Battle Of Olympus there, but they’re not related in any way other than sharing a Greek mythology theme. Blizzard say that Overwatch’s heroes “and several others” will be granted god-like powers for this mode. Plenty of Olympian skins are on their way for Season 2’s Premium Battle Pass too, including the Mythic Zeus Junker Queen. I just hope it’s better than Moira's Legendary mime skin.

In other developments, maps will rotate with the start of Season 2. That’ll bring back some oldies such as Rialto, Oasis, and Nepal, and the theme park themed Blizzard World. It sounds like that one might return to its 2018 Christmas version at some point too, as Blizzard say “some rides may not be available due to weather”. A Winter Wonderland event is happening in-game between December 13 and January 4th, so that seems like a likely juncture. Players who missed out on nabbing Season 1’s hero Kiriko through the battle pass grind will also get another chance in new challenges being introduced during the new season.

Blizzard shared a handy summary on Twitter of what you can expect from Season 2, including already revealed tank hero Ramattra and the new Shambali Monastery escort map:

Ollie had a good time with the game for his Overwatch 2 review-in-progress, but thought it was more of an iteration than a proper full-blown sequel. He was enamoured with the new heroes, though. “There's an attention to detail in the hero design that very few games can compete with,” he said, “and I was happy to see that Overwatch 2's three new heroes maintain that high standard. And even more important than that - they all just feel fun right out of the gate.”

Overwatch 2 is a free to play download from Battle.net. You can read more about Season 2 here. If you’re after some top tips on who to pick as your main this time around then check out Ollie’s Overwatch 2 hero tier list.

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