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Witchy healer Moira now spooking Overwatch

Or a dracula?

"Do no harm", video game healers swear, "unless you want to." The latest healer arriving in Overwatch exists in this same split state. On one hand, she can blast liferays and loose bouncing healballs. On the other, she can zap deathrays and blorp killballs. Each of her hands has different zapbeams, see. After a stretch on the test server, Moira has now arrived in the main version of Overwatch (though she won't hit Competitive Play until Thursday).

Overwatch is running a free trial weekend from tonight, if you're curious.

Is Moira a witch? Is she a dracula? A pixie? We can argue forever over her precise classification but she's some sort of ghost for sure. Most of her powers come in healing or harming variants, from regular zap beams, through bouncing regen/decay balls, up to her Ultimate megabeam which does both at the same time. She also has a blink ability teleporting her a short distance. Here, meet her in this video:

Moira arrived in Overwatch proper yesterday. As with all new heroes, she has to wait a week before hitting the Competitive mode.

Yesterday's patch also boosted Ana's rifle damage, added a health bar to Winston's barrier so friends and foes can see its strength, and made Mercy a little less powerful. Mercy's remade Resurrect now has a 1.75 casting time, up from 0, and she also moves 75% slower while casting and can be interrupted - though it's still instant-cast while Vaklyrie is active.

"We feel that Mercy's recent rework has been successful, but her Resurrect ability still feels too strong and frustrating to play against," Blizzard said. "Now that it has a cast time, enemies are more able to counter the ability."

Read the patch note for full details on all that plus some fixes.

As for the free weekend, yup, everyone is invited to play Overwatch through the Battle.net client. It'll start at 7pm tonight (UK time) and end at 7:59am on Tuesday. See Blizzard's announcement for more details and international times.

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