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Overwatch adds orchestral flair (and a new skin) with Sigma's Maestro Challenge


Oh, to ditch Overwatch's crude gunfights for a night at the opera. To push culture, not payloads. Capture hearts and souls, not control points. Ah, well, the latest challenge event for Blizzard's hero shooter might not be picking up a fiddle anything soon, but it will let you pretend you're the sort of person who frequents the concert hall with Sigma's Maestro Challenge - dressing up Overwatch's gravity-defying egghead for orchestral bombast

I'm not sure what part of Sigma's (somewhat iffy) backstory as a bog-standard "mad scientist" qualifies him as a composer - but if it means he gets to don a nice suit and shoulder pads made of cellos, well, who am I to stop him?

Sigma's Maestro follows the release of Overwatch: Cities And Countries, an album of bops taken from across the game's maps. Staff newsie Imogen was right when, in covering that release, she assumed that "it’ll likely be that thing again where if you win nine matches you’re rewarded with a cool skin for the character the event’s focusing on," akin to previous events like Mercy's Recall Challenge.

That is, in fact, exactly how it works. Win nine games, and you'll get the Maestro Sigma skin, covering the flying dutchman in violin parts wrapped around a tuxedo. Classy?

There are a few goodies to snag on your way to that skin, mind. Three wins will net you a player icon, of course, while six will land you with a Maestro emote - one where your man conducts an orchestra of gravitationally-displaced pebbles. As per previous events, there are also some sprays up for grabs if you tune in to select streamers for 2, 4 and 6 hours. You'll need to connect your Twitch account to your Blizzard one, mind, and a list of participating streamers can be found through the event page.

Sigma's Maestro challenge kicked off today and runs through to Monday, July 27th. And yes, Sigma's new skin isn't bare-footed. I checked.

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