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Brigitte smashes into Overwatch next week

Shameless nepotism

The shameless nepotism of Overwatch will continue next week with the addition of Brigitte, its 27th character, who just so happens to be Torbjörn's daughter. Oh, what a coincidence! The tanky medic does seem to have some skill on the battlefield, having hit the class-based FPS's test servers at the end of February, but it is suspicious that yet more jobs are going to existing employees' friends and family. Well, she'll get the opportunity to prove herself next week, as Blizzard today announced that they will add Brigitte to the game properly in an update on Tuesday the 20th of March.

Brigitte is a support character who's a little tanky but not a tank. She can throw out healing Repair Packs, pop up a little energy shield, and buff nearby allies with armour, as well as pummel enemies with her rocket-powered flail-mace doodad.

Hey gang, have you Brigitted on the test server? How is she?

Storywise, Brigitte is the daughter of notdwarven engineer Torbjörn, which happened to land her a job as the squire of his fellow Overwatch agent Reinhardt. Funny, that. Now she's stepping out from behind the scenes to bash faces in herself, as this here trailer explains:

Hanzo and Genji are brothers, Pharah is Ana's daughter, Junkrat and Roadhog are besties... it seems to sure way to get into this video game is to know someone who's already in. And this is only what Blizzard will cop to! I have it on good Internet authority that Soldier: 76 is D.Va's dad and carries her around in a sling. And if we started on which Overwatch characters are secretly married or engaging in coitus, we'd be here all day.

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