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Overwatch: New Maps, Mode When Closed Beta Returns

Who watches over the overwatchers?

The Overwatch [official site] closed beta returns tomorrow (9 Feb) for its next round of playtesting in Europe and the Americas. This news will be of interest to anyone with closed beta access to Overwatch or who gets granted access as a result of the new round of admissions. I'm not sure how the rest of you feel. Maybe a bit sad that you can't enjoy me killing you repeatedly or something? That sounds about right.

Changes are also afoot:

When the beta returns there will be...

ONE! "all new progression system" of which there are no details given yet.

TWO! whole new maps including ONE! whole new game mode.

SEVERAL! hero balance updates.

A VARIETY! of private game updates including full AI matches.

Full details will come with the patch notes or you can feel them out for yourself when the beta reappears if you are not a patch notes kind of person. I'm considering just going back in blind and being surprised by things. My teammates are sure to be delighted by that approach. DELIGHTED!

Oh wait. I will probably write that particular news story tomorrow so I should probably read the patch notes and so forth. Unless I can palm it off on Alice, obviously...

If you had closed beta access before this point you'll just be able to start playing again. If not, Blizzard are looking to widen their pool of players so a flurry of new invites should appear. If you wanted a chance at one of those invites there's a beta sign-up button where you can opt in on this page. You'll need to have your Battle.net account details handy.

If you're in neither EU nor any/all of the Americas but you ARE in Asia you'll get the beta on 16 Feb. You can find out if you are in Asia here but, in case you can't be bothered to click, it means South Korea, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

That is all of my Overwatch news. The end.

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