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Overwatch's Warring Brothers Get Animated Short

Oh, brother

I was in a plane/jetlagged for most of Monday and Tuesday so I missed the Genji/Hanzo animated short for Overwatch [official site]. It's called Dragons and is about brothers and dragons and things. Here are some thoughts, including how Casualty is totally relevant to discussion of this mini movie.

I'm enjoying the overblown comparison of siblings who don't get on to mythical sky dragons. The blue wind dragon defeating the green wind dragon is Hanzo losing his temper about the fact his brother doesn't want to help out with the family crime business and just wants to be a playboy ninja. It's an EastEnders plotline being dressed up in mythological pyjamas.

Like, you could use majestic dragon battles to explain my sorrow at the fact my brother hit me in the knee because I wanted to watch TV and he wanted to watch a VHS when we were children and it would look similarly robustly generic. Or maybe the dragon mythology re-enactment of my blazing row with my sister when she was really late picking me up for town and I had to stand in a cold car park for ages worrying that she had been in a car accident or something.

Anyway, the dragons reconcile and Genji and Hanzo are kind of in the same game which is basically a reconciliation or whatever I don't know the trailer is really really about the action and really really not about a story that makes sense or is in any way not generic.

As an aside, and going back to soap operas for a minute, the story of the dragons works FAR better as a tale based on Cal and Ethan's relationship in Casualty and how the brothers fell out over the fact that Cal didn't tell Ethan that he had found their birth mother OR that she had Huntington's and then they shared the Crisp Sandwich Of Lies when Cal chickened out of telling Ethan and then they didn't speak for ages when Ethan DID finally find out and then they stole an ambulance and drove their mother to the coast so she could die on a beach and Ethan pretended he didn't have Huntington's so she could die happy and then it turns out he does have Huntington's and Cal doesn't and the world is a dreadful place because Ethan thinks Cal always gets to have fun and not have Huntington's and then he decided to Embrace Life and now he wears a hat.

Anyway, there's also this video doing the rounds where SFM creator Krunkidile animated his own prediction for the trailer and got it pretty much bang on:

Oh. And here's a different video about games with "Dragons" in the title:

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