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Overwatch gives Bastion a Lego makeover with new challenge skin

Brick by brick

The best thing about Bastion, Overwatch's portable chaingun, is the way it falls apart. Other heroes might spiral and ragdoll once they've popped their last hitpoint, but Bastion? The robot falls apart like every screw in its chassis just gave up, leaving a discarded Bionicle kit on the battlefield. There's a bunch of Overwatch Lego kits these days, but it's no wonder Bastion's Lego reimagining fits the best out of the Overwatch cast.

Burning money on a licensed plastic turret is a big ask, mind. Fortunately, you can now earn a digital Lego look for Bastion in Overwatch this month by completing in-game challenges.

Here's a look at the walking turret's Lego look in Bastion's Brick Challenge - no assembly required.

You'll need to rack up 9 wins to get a hold of the Brick Bastion legendary skin. It's an almost direct digital adaption of the real, buy-it-in-stores Lego Bastion, albeit with a more toylike paint job. They've only gone and ruined Ganymede, Bastion's birdy pal, mind. Where the wee flapper has huge, knowing eyes in physical form, the in-game bird is a little crueller, a little soulless. This bird has seen death, and is unblinking in the face of it.

There are goodies to get a hold of along the way, of course. 3 wins will net you two blocky Bastion player icons, while you'll get sprays of lesbian power couple Pharah and Mercy in minifig form at 6 victories.

Don't feel like actually playing Overwatch? Luckily, there's no need to do a single murder to win goodies. Cutesy Lego player icons and sprays are up for grabs if you tune into partnered Overwatch streamers during the event. You'll need to link your Blizzard account to Twitch, and you can find a full list of partnered channels here.

Bastion's Brick Challenge tips off today and runs through 'till September 30th.

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