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Hammondball is the apotheosis of esports

Lucioball can do one

What a dry Overwatch Summer Games this has been. Lucioball is all well and good, but Blizzard seem to have forgotten they added a character to the game who is literally a ball. It's a tragic squandering of potential, but nothing that can't be fixed from within a custom game.

It is my great pleasure to introduce Hammondball, sport of kings.

I took my cue from these budding sportstars on Reddit. It's a fantastic idea, but wasted on people who don't understand the first rule of volleyball.

I see your Pulse Bomb Volleyball and present to you Hammond Uppercut Volleyball! from r/Overwatch

I knew that my Overwatch crew could do better.

Now that we've started exploring this exciting new horizon, we can but wonder what will come next. Hammondcriket? Hammondboule?

There's never been a better time to be alive.

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