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Overwatch is back at the beach for another round of Summer Games

Get set for Summer fashion.

It's summer! Scotland might've missed the memo (my soaked jeans can attest to that), but at least Overwatch is willing and able to have some fun in the virtual sun. The Summer Games have returned to Blizzard's hero shooter, bringing in a fresh collection of hot beach looks - whether you're chilling by the pool or pushing that dang payload.

Running from today through August 25th, Overwatch's 2020 Summer Games also see Lucioball's return to Overwatch. This year, Blizzard's rollerskating Rocket League has been gifted two new arenas and a helluva lotta balls.

Besides taking to reworked pitches in Sydney and Busan, Lucioball has seen a few tweaks to speed things up. Stronger boops, faster movement, higher jumps, that sorta thing. But if that's not wild enough for you, Lucioball Remix adds a wackier alternative that tosses two balls into the field, spawning bonus balls periodically.

Mind, the real thrust of the show here are the new skins. Much as I've fallen off the Overwatch train myself, I regret to admit that these are very, very good skins. Baptiste's looking well hunky in his low-buttoned shirt, and Brigitte's off fishing with a medieval flail, but my timeline's been losing it all day over Pharah's lifeguard getup. Fair play to Doomfist, who'd rather spend his summer practising Karate. It's good to have hobbies, eh?

While most of these are unlocked via the loot box crapshoot, at least three skins can be consistently earned by winning 9 games a week (as per more recent, smaller cosmetic events). Week 1's Tracer skin is a bit naff, slapping a Union Jack on her, but Sandcastle Bastion is proper brilliant.

ALl previous Summer outfits return for the duration, mind, and you can get the full rundown on what's up for grabs over on the Summer Games event page. The Overwatch Summer Games 2020 run 'til August 25th, by which point it might even have stopped raining. Please?

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