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Mei The Best Team Win: Overwatch Open Starts Today With $300,000 Prize Pool

Vie! Vie! Vie!

The biggest Overwatch [official site] tournament organised so far starts today, where teams will compete for a share of a $300,000 prize pool. The Overwatch Open will run until September, when its grand final will be held in Atlanta. The final will see the ultimate winner take away a grand prize of $100,000, while the runners-up will get $32,000. You could say they will be competing Pharah few bucks.

Sorry. Come see more details below, including dates, prizes, how to sign up and where to watch the finals live.

The online qualifying rounds start this weekend and will end in playoffs for separate regions on August 26-28 - one for US teams and one for EU teams. The top eight teams from each region will go through to the regional finals in Atlanta which will be fought from September 25-29. The winning team from each regional will then go through to the grand final, hosted the next day, on September 30.

Of course, the winners will not be the only teams to reap the benefits. A prize of $24,000 awaits those who show no mercy to their opponents and come second in the regional finals, while $18,000 goes to third and fourth place. A last bastion of hope is available to those teams who place fifth through eighth, as they will get $6000.

The regional finals and grand final will be aired on the competition's Twitch channel, while the Open itself is organised by ELEAGUE and FACEIT. Will you take part in the online qualifiers? If so, you can sign up for the European games here, or the North American ones here. That is, if you think you were... Torbjörn for it.


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