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Blizzard Finally Reveal Sombra For Overwatch

Blizzard's longest tease ever confirmed

It felt like Blizzard had been teasing its next Overwatch [official site] character, Sombra, for longer than the Internet had even existed. While very few of us today can remember living in a world before Blizzard started teasing Sombra, the day has for Blizzard confirm that, yes, the next Overwatch character will be expert hacker Sombra.

Adding a new character into Overwatch is always going to be a big deal, as the overall balance of power between all the game's characters gets shifted. But what of those abilities? She's an Offense player sporting a short-range SMG who can whizz around the map using stealth camouflage and a leftover translocator pinched from Unreal Tournament. She can also hack other enemies - disabling them from using their abilities - and enemy first aid kits.

Then there's the ultimate - and this one is the one that catches my eye. Sombra lets off an EMP, making a total mess of enemy and shields and hacking all opponents caught in it. Ruh-roh! Busting through a fortified enemy position and completely disabling it feels like it has pretty major ramifications to me, but Sombra's major stealthy weakness is that she'll drop out of stealth if she takes any splash damage. Watch out for splash damage, essentially.

Elsewhere, in one of Overwatch's traditionally uber-expensive video films, Sombra is shown double-crossing other Overwatch ne'er-do-wells Widowmaker and Reaper to pretend to fail to assassinate a Russian diplomat. That's right, she's a crafty double agent! She's available to play at BlizzCon this weekend, so expect to hear the show's 25,000 attendees unleash more detailed impressions in the coming hours.

Alongside Sombra, Blizzard master boss and bowling shirt aficionado Mike Morhaime also confirmed new Overwatch maps - including high-tech city Oasis and the chilly Eco-Point Antarctica - and Overwatch's own Arcade mode, which will host new modes, rulesets and maps for things like 1v1 gameplay and other balance-busting options.

You can read more about Sombra by .

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