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Overwatch teases new Cuban content

Havana Daydreaming

Blizzard's FPS Overwatch continues to drip-feed lore, this time with a teasing blog post that suggests the motley crew of heroes will be travelling to Cuba sometime soon, and that they won't be enjoying lovely weather. A local Havana newspaper shares the story of a family brewery lost to a megacorporation, before warning of a hurricane hitting the island.

The blog post doesn't say explicitly what form this will take in the game, but it mentions both a rebuilt rum distillery and the Havana Sea Fort, which might mean a new map. It's also about time for the archives event to roll around for another year. Last time it brought us some new lore about the past of the Overwatch organisation and the Talon company, so this might have something to do with that. How the hurricane fits in is less clear - I don't think they're about to add weather effects to the game, but hey, I'd like to be wrong.

There's also the outside chance that the woman interviewed for the paper, Alicia Diaz, could become the game's first black woman hero, as players have been asking for for so long. If so, though, she's likely to go through more introductory lore first.

The game also recently added Hatian hero Baptiste, so it's already got an eye towards the Carribean islands.

Not much to go on, as is usual for these kinds of Blizzard teases, but they're likely to unfurl more in the coming days. Probably still not enough to satisfy those who wish there was a greater focus on the story behind the shooting, but we'll wait and see what the return of the archive events has to offer.

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