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Overwatch's Busan map easter egg lets Reinhardt sing

Sexy Sexy Reinhardt!

Overwatch’s latest map takes players to the South Korean city of Busan, and it’s packed full of detail. Blizzard covered everything from traditional Korean musical instruments to local hero D.Va’s room at her military mech base, but they also added a secret for those who play affable German tank Reinhardt.

There are, as usual, two spawn rooms on the downtown section of the control map. The first is a PC Bang – a LAN centre that is popular among those who want to play multiplayer games on top-end computers for a low hourly fee. This one includes a DDR machine that reacts to attempts to actually follow the directional movement as well as the characters’ unlockable dance emotes. You can see Torbjörn getting his boogie on below:

The second is where Reinhardt is given his well-deserved chance to shine – a fully kitted karaoke room where approaching the mic and hitting F (or whatever your "interact" key is bound to) causes him to belt out a freestyle verse that includes the inspired lyrics “Sexy sexy Reinhardt!” One internet wizard has already made a music video for his catchy track:

This begs the question, though: when the map hits live servers, will we get a performance from all the characters? Horizon Lunar Colony has a similar feature where each can look through the telescope at the earth, with a personal voice line, so it’s possible. I’d certainly like to know what Zarya has on offer, and I bet Bastion can carry a tune, too.

There’s also no doubt in my mind that Ana would knock any karaoke contest out of the park after hearing her Korean voice actor, Lee Young-li, rap in-character at the Overwatch Fan Festival that took place in Seoul this week. You don’t have to understand the lyrics to understand the message: you'd best respect grandma.

Busan is currently available to try out on Overwatch’s test servers, with no firm date on when it’ll hit general release. The game is also free to play this weekend.

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