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Overwatch's Summer Games 2018 event has everyone dressed up for the ball-game

Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

It is far too hot and humid outside to do anything related to real sports, so Overwatch's Summer Games 2018 event sounds lovely. Sit down, grab an iced drink, point an industrial-scale fan at your face and shoot people to earn boxes full of silly sporting-themed (or summer lounging) gear for your gaggle of sci-fi superheroes. While the majority of the characters are ready to run about a field and maybe kick/hit/shoot some balls around, it looks like D.Va and Ana are equipped for a season of sipping cocktails on the beach in the trailer below. They've got the right idea.

As with all previous Summer Games events, silly QPong-esque minigame Lúcioball is back, and in a new arena. While the map should still be functionally identical, it's a nicer structure to look at, especially from the inside. Other than that, there's not much new content-wise, but if you're in the mood to rack up a few more levels and collect another round of seasonal costumes, there's 50 new skins, highlight intros, emotes and sprays up for grabs.

Some of the new sporty skins are really quite lovely, such as Fastball Zenyatta. Everyone's favourite robot ascetic has found inner peace in Japan's favourite sport, and it's impressive just how well he carries the look - he's knocked it out of the park.

D.Va's new Waveracer outfit is pretty great, too. Even with safety equipment on, it looks light and comfortable for the beach, and I dig the new propellers on her mecha. I think what really brings the whole outfit together, though, is the goofy and cheap plastic heart-frame sunglasses. Thumbs up.

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 event is live now, and you can see some of the available loot box contents on its official page here.

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