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Paradise Marsh’s lo-fi landscapes will transport you to a new level of relaxation

A bog full of curiosities

Sometimes, I just want to wander around an aesthetically pleasing landscape with nice music doing menial tasks - and that’s exactly what I got from Paradise Marsh, a lovely little wildlife game from LazyEti. I’ve been playing some pretty intense games recently, throttling my game controller as I run away from literal waves of rats in A Plague Tale: Requiem and shifting my detective brain into overdrive grappling with the excellent mysteries in The Case of the Golden Idol.

I desperately need a game to sink into, basically Lo-fi Hip Hop Beats to Relax/Study To: The Game, or the equivalent of a deep body massage but directly onto my brain. Paradise Marsh has been the exact tonic I’ve needed, a chill bug-collectathon where you wander around pleasant, pastel landscapes discovering lots of fun little curiosities. It’s wonderful.

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Paradise Marsh

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