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Paradox Interactive's next showcase event is in March

Likely in for at least a little talk about Bloodlines 2, right?

Never mind your calendar. E3 is a state of mind, not a date on your wall. Announcements and game reveals and trailers can happen in any month—like March, for instance. That's when Paradox Interactive will be coming back with another one of their Paradox Insider video showcases to tell you about all the games they've got coming up. You'll be able to catch it on March 13th.

As they did last year, Paradox are doing their own video roundup of "trailers, deep-dives into new game content, and interviews with the developers of Paradox’s award-winning games." With any luck, Paradox could come out and reveal some game in the works that we've not heard about yet.

As for things still yet to launch, I can't imagine we'll go without at least some mention of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. During last year's Paradox Insider, they revealed a returning character and talked about a collector statue for the vampire 'em up. After all that, Bloodlines 2 wound up getting the big delay boot from its expected 2020 launch. Shortly after, Hardsuit Labs unexpectedly fired lead writer Brian Mitsoda who was also lead writer on the original Bloodlines. March will likely be our first serious update on the game since those two big decisions.

Crusader Kings 3 seems likely to be on the roll call as well. It's one of the best strategy games on PC and has at least three upcoming expansions planned for its grand strategy hijinx.

Paradox's show is going to be part of the "Game Dev Direct" taking place on March 13-14. The full event will include some other names you might recognise such as Another Indie, Graffiti Games, and Headup. You can get the rest of the names and times over on the event site.

The Paradox Insider, specifically, will begin on Saturday, March 13th at 7pm GMT (11am PDT). You'll be able to catch it over on Twitch.

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