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Paradox Party: Four Games Streamed Tonight

Paradox Interactive are getting a taste for the limelight. Mmm, citrussy. Tonight at 8PM CEST, which my brain refuses to accept is 7pm UK time, they'll be showing off four of their upcoming games on their Twitch TV channel. There's something for everyone, as long as you like 2D shooters, dwarf-based strategy, co-op action adventures , or competitive RTS. Do you like those? I'm interested in The Showdown Effect, personally. He's dreamy.

Each game will have a trailer, a live demonstration and a live Q and A with the developers, so even if you're not wholly fascinated at the games, there's plenty of potential for disaster: what if during a live demo one of the developers accidentally clicks the wrong exe and we're treated to the first public viewing of Half-Life 2: Episode 3? There's a small, tiny, miniscule chance it might possibly happen. You can't say it won't, because the future is a blank canvas of possibilities.

Here's one they did with Crusader Kings II.

Watch live video from Paradox Interactive - Paradox Plaza on TwitchTV

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