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Paragon Adds Hammer-Wielding Wraith, Sevarog

If I had a hammer

Paragon [official site] has added its first new hero since it launched into paid early access earlier this month. Sevarog, a tanky guy who eats souls and carries an enormous hammer, will now be stalking the jungle bits of the first-person MOBA map. I'll probably try to play as him later tonight and see what his deal is but for some reason I have to put all of my settings down to their lowest and that makes me sad. So I guess this evening will be "trying to see if I can fix that" and THEN "trying Sevarog".

While I fiddle around with settings and drivers and other things that make me cross let's run through what we know, starting with Sevarog's look:

I'd say his style is kind of "Ringwraith by way of Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Muppet Christmas Carol" or maybe "Evil Ghost Of Thor".

Anyway, he's a melee tank character who eats souls to boost his own strength. This eating of souls business is done using his Siphon ability. When you kill using Siphon you get soul stacks. When you reach certain levels of soul stacks Siphon does more damage. These soul stacks also increase his maximum health thanks to his passive, Soul Tap.

He then has a dash - Phantom Rush - so he can chase or escape and a root-then-slow ability called Subjugate. His ultimate, Colossal Blow, is this big old hammer swing which knocks enemies away so you can use that to punt them into your teammates for a pick-off kill or into the line of fire of your towers maybe holding them in place with . You could also use it to GTFO in an emergency.

I'm assuming he'll be played as a tanky initiator for the most part, building up soul stacks in lane or in the jungle (he's billed as a jungler) and popping into lanes for kills until he's beefy enough to just do whatever he fancies.

Obviously I now have "If I Had A Hammer" stuck in my head. I'm so sure Big Brother 1 winner, Craig Phillips, did a cover of that so I was going to put it here and make sure everyone suffered along with me but I can't find it on YouTube and I'm worried I was imagining things.

Actually, it looks like he had a Christmas single so you can have that instead. Imagine Sevarog listening to it and pointing furiously.

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