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Roll Out The Coasters: Parkitect

But does it have dinosaurs?

There have been two big theme parks in gaming news recently. First, there's Frontier's Planet Coaster which doesn't contain any dinosaurs at all, and then there's Jurassic World, which contains all of the dinosaurs. I don't think Parkitect [official site] has any dinosaurs but it does have gorgeous isometric rollercoasters and looks like the closest thing to Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 since Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Kickstarted last year, it's due to release in August and I want it now.

I don't have a new video for you but the development blogs are updated weekly and packed with insights about building a game about building a theme park.


"We finally added the ¼ height slopes to the track builder. We can also put separate limits on up/down slope heights for tracked ride types now (notice how the log flume can have steep down slopes, but not steep up slopes). And we can put minimum size restrictions on slope transitions - the high and medium slopes in the back are the smallest possible sizes you can build, but the high slope transition is a bit longer."

Rating rides!

"A good amount of time this week has been spent on calculating a bunch of statistical numbers for tracked rides. They’ll be used for determining how much guests enjoyed your ride. The balancing is still entirely off and it’ll most likely take lots of tweaking over a long amount of time to get it right, but it’s a start."

Camera details!

"You can free-rotate the camera with the mouse currently, and we just added the ability to tilt it up and down freely as well. This should help with seeing rides and details, and helping to position new objects. You can use the keyboard to snap the camera to certain angles, which is usually the angles we take screenshots in."

There are also some videos on the official Parkitect YouTube channel showing the developers building models for rides and... other things.


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