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Path of Exile's Fall of Oriath expansion hits August 4th

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Fine free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile will launch its next expansion on August 4th, developers Grinding Gear Games announced last night. The expansion, named The Fall of Oriath [official site], will introduce a new act sending players back to the land they were exiled from. Time for some frank conversations with the ruling powers, I'm sure. On top of that, the expansion boshes in remixes of all five acts, revisiting them to see how they've changed since you murderously swept through and whacked everyone until they burst into showers of coins and swords.

Oh, and there are godlike powers you'll gain too. The new 'Pantheon' system lets players beat up gods to steal their mighty defensive powers. Here's an idea, Grinding Gear: every time an object strikes you, it transmorphs into delicious fresh crusty baguette. From axes to fists, all becomes bread. You're welcome to use that idea.

Here, this moody new trailer shows off some of the expansion's sights and fights:

Fall of Oriath is due to launch at 9pm (1pm Pacific) on Friday, August 4th.

If you've not played Path of Exile yet, hey, it is free-to-play (on Steam and direct through Grinding Gear) and Adam recently declared it his favourite action-RPG. He said:

"The perfect ARPG is one that occupies me without demanding all of my attention. They're the games I like to play when I'm listening to a podcast or audiobook, so I’m not against some of that idle clicker mentality. Path of Exile supplies that, happily providing cerebral background noise, but if I want to, I can start digging around under the bonnet and fiddling with its inner workings. It's a game that lets me play at my own pace, and that lets me dive deep when I choose to but never forces me to engage with its more difficult challenges or most intricate systems."

And he's never spent a penny on free-to-play microtransaction bits.

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