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Path Of Exile's latest expansion, Blight, creeps out

You can't go wrong with glowing fungus

Free-to-play action RPG Path Of Exile is getting a bit tower defence-y in Blight, its latest expansion that released yesterday. There’s a bunch of mind-controlled monsters about, see, and your fortresses will keep them at bay, before turning them into lovely rewards like oils you can use for enchanting. You can see it at work in the trailer/developer commentary hybrid below.

Too Dangerous To Touch/Too Dangerous To Ignore is my favourite Panic! At The Disco album.

As well as NPC Sister Cassia laying out the stakes and showing off some of the neat things her towers can do, like freezing and shocking enemies, a mysterious unnamed developer explains some of the other changes coming with the expansion.

Alongside the clutch of new items you might expect, missions are being changed up slightly, so that you can side quest to your heart’s content without being forced to address the main ones. And they’re also making changes to some of the mechanics for necromancers, poison assassins, and saboteurs. Good news whether you prefer to raise the dead or blow them up.

The vid also casually mentions that there’s an additional bar being added for more skill bindings, which judging from the comments is the most exciting bit of the whole thing.

Path Of Exile: Blight is out now, so get out there slinging those extra skills, or check out the website for a full list of changes.

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