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Pathfinder: Kingmaker hits funding goal on Kickstarter

New stretch goals revealed

There are many ways to make your Kickstarter campaign attractive. A clear pitch and a realistic target are two of the big ones. But there’s only one way to make success a sure thing: ask Chris Avellone to get involved. Pathfinder: Kingmaker [official site] is the latest project to employ this tactic, and it’s hit its funding target.

Owlcat Games’ $500k target for their adaptation of the Pathfinder tabletop RPG has now been surpassed, which means that it’s time to talk stretch goals. If the pledged amount hits $550k, camping will be added to the game, and it sounds a little bit more involved than simply having a nap in the woods.

Camping is more than just a “rest” button in Pathfinder: Kingmaker! Set up a camp and select who will be standing watch, to warn you in time about incoming enemies. Send an experienced hunter to gather good and listen to your companions discussing events of the past days, choices you made and places they travel.

Think Dragon Age: Origin’s lovely campsite, but with added management wrinkles. It sounds a bit brilliant, actually. To mark the funding milestone, a new $600k stretch goal has also been thrown into the mix: the Magus class.

Welcome the Magus, unrivaled master of magical melee, who is ready to use his array of destructive spells without interrupting his blade dance. His class features allow him to use spells and melee attacks at the same time, and, if the need arises, envelop his weapon in magical power, combining both arts into one.

They dance, they cast spells, they chop stuff up with swords -- the Magus sounds like my kind of adventuring buddy. While this is the last revealed stretch goal, expect more to be announced as the campaign continues.

Future stretch goals will add archetypes (for all the classes), additional race choices, storyline expansions beyond the initial Adventure Path and more companions, (including a companion that’s dear to hearts of Pathfinder fans). Owlcat Games also wants to include more locations to visit, including an epic dungeon.

If you’re unable to contain yourself until next summer, when Pathfinder: Kingmaker will hopefully launch, the previously mobile-only card game, Pathfinder Adventures, is now on Steam. I have whiled away many hours with it on my phone and I’m just terrible at adventuring, it seems, but I’m not bitter.

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

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