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Pathfinder: Kingmaker is free to keep on Epic right now

Free for 24 hours in their 15 days of giveaways

If you like your RPG adventures to contain dungeons and dragons, and be as complex as Dungeons & Dragons, perhaps you might fancy the latest game being given away free in the Epic Games Store's festive sale. For 24 hours, Epic are handing out Pathfinder: Kingmaker free for keepsies. It's a vast fantasy RPG based on the Pathfinder pen 'n' paper system, played out in ye olde isometric perspective. The sort of RPG that's fascinating to some, offputting to others—so a great candidate for a freebie.

Hit the Epic Games Store to claim a free copy for keepsies. You have until 4pm GMT (8am Pacific) on Saturday the 25th to do that, before Epic roll over to a new freebie, the next in their 15 days of freebies. Hopefully they've got a real big'un lined up for Christmas?

In our Pathfinder: Kingmaker review, Giada Zavarise likened the experience to playing a tabletop RPG with a boring DM.

"I've dealt with this kind of DM before," she said. "It's the kind of person who spent so much time creating their perfect fantasy world, drawing maps and crunching numbers, they forgot what makes a role-playing game fun: the drama between the party members, the uneffective solutions, the silly shenanigans. At least, that’s what makes D&D fun for me."

That said, I know many old-school RPG fans dug it. And developers Owlcat Games put out a great many patches and updates since then, including the big free 'Enhanced Edition' overhaul. And, y'know, it's free right now, so you can discover an opinion for yourself.

Nate got on a lot better with the 2021 sequel, Wrath Of The Righteous, saying it fed his "desperate mission to relive those moments from my adolescence, when I first encountered games that would go on to become all-time favourites".

Disclosure: Frequent RPS freelancer Craig Pearson has been writing words for the Epic Games Store lately.

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

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