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Payday 2 gets a bit Indiana Jones-y in new heist

Crack open the Ark of the Covenant

Cooperative heist FPS Payday 2 has capped off a week of daily updates with a new heist, one busting into a heavily-defended research facility to swipe mysterious artefacts. They may or may not be magical or alien or... the story has grown a little more complicated than "steal money from a bank cos a boffin said so" over the past five years.

The week-long 'Spring Break' event also brought a new stealth heist, a new minigun, akimbo versions of another thirty guns, new masks, and more - all for free.

The new Henry's Rock heist sends the Payday gang into a top-secret facility of the Murkywater PMC, the place where they study a big collection of strange and spooky things. We're out to nick two golden boxes, strange objects which have appeared in previous heists and seem to be connected to the Illuminati or aliens or time travel or... they're weird and powerful and we have to nick 'em. It's all a bit like that there warehouse in Indiana Jones, with the Ark of the Covenant, mummies, ancient murals, and some funny long skulls.

As you might expect, it's a shooty heist; Murkywater would quite like to keep their boxes. We'll have to mix chemicals, drill doors, search papers, and shoot shoot shoot oh my gosh so much shooting.

To help with the shooting, a new minigun arrived earlier in the event week. It's flipping ridiculous. For criminals who want weapons that are slightly smaller but still, developers Overkill have added dual-wielding versions of thirty-odd old pistols, SMGs, and shotguns. I've never got into Payday 2's akimbos but I do appreciate there being more of them.

Read all about the Spring Break update in the one two three four five six seven daily posts from Overkill.

A little in-universe website poked into the conspiracy theories, if you're interested in what's afoot:

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