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Payday 2: Ultimate Edition is out, containing all DLC


Decent cooperative heist FPS Payday 2 [official site] yesterday launched its Ultimate Edition, the new version packing all the game's many DLC packs. Aside from one final character pack, that's all the DLC Payday 2 will ever have - and old DLC is no longer sold separately. I do enjoy Payday and recommend it, though I know its dozens of map, character, and weapon DLCs were confusing and off-putting to some. That is now solved, as £34 will get you the game and everything. Folks who already own Payday 2 get a discount on upgrading, if they want, with further discounts for DLCs owned.

Payday 2: Ultimate Edition is £33.99/44,99€/$44.99 on Steam. Bought piecemeal, that previously would have cost over $200. Some packs aren't great but hey, this is everything in one go and at a discount.

People who already had Payday 2 can upgrade to the Ultimate Edition. Developers Overkill Software are offering a $10 discount for owning the base game, and each DLC pack owned reduces the price further. For me, for example, upgrading costs £14.42. I probably won't upgrade until a big sale hits, as I've already bought most of the DLC I wanted so the leftovers are less good, but it is nice to have the option.

The regular base edition of Payday 2 is no longer sold but Overkill did give away five million copies before pulling it from sale. Hard luck if you missed that.

Overkill plan to keep expanding Payday 2 with free heists, weapons, and other bits. They will release one single paid DLC pack, adding Ethan and Hila from H3h3 Productions and giving all revenue to those two YouTubers to help fund their weird legal battle. But beyond that, all future content will be free.

Overkill have announced plans for a Payday 3 but that's still a long way away.

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Payday 2: Ultimate Edition

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