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I have made my peace with third-party game clients

aka I don't hate Uplay anymore

Is it me, or is it them? Time was that the presence of yet another icon on my taskbar, yet another login to remember and yet another unknown degree of resource allocation drove me spare. EA's Origin, Ubisoft's Uplay, Games For Windows Live whatever it was Stardock used to use, Direct2Drive as-was, even GOG, and probably a fair few more now lost to the cruel sands of time and Windows 10 incompatibility. Used to drive me spare. Used to drive me to angry comments on a videogame blog. The clutter, the silly interfaces, and most of all the refusal to accept that, for better or worse, they didn't have a chance of overcoming Steam, so why waste everyone's time?

I don't seem to care anymore. Not much, anyway.

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