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The Weekspot podcast: did you hear about that Steam Deck thing?

Steam Machines... but small!

WonderSteam, N-Gabe, Valvita: you can call it whatever you like because Valve have made their intentions clear. They’re keen to elbow their way into the handheld market with the Steam Deck.

Of course, Headlines & Hot Takes has loads of chat on Valve’s Switch-like handheld. We talk about who this is for, we speculate on whether or not developers are going to be taking the Steam Deck into consideration when making their games, and we assess how it looks. We’re very superficial. We also discuss the chatter around Netflix moving into video games, and we’ve got some EA Play predictions for you, too.

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For Show and Tell, I brought Death’s Door to the discussion. It’s a little Zelda, a little Dark Souls, and loads of crow. I think this game is brilliant, and you should play it. Matthew wasn’t as hot on the first few hours of JRPG Cris Tales, but the time-travelling mechanic definitely has him intrigued. I also played a little bit of the new Streets Of Rage 4 DLC. It’s Streets Of Rage 4. So, I like it.

This week's Mystery Steam Reviews is all about video games that have AI-controlled companions. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on Cyberpunk 2077 and Miami in the ‘80s.

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If you've got any Burning Questions for us, you can reach us by emailing weekspot@rockpapershotgun.com, or you can stick them in the comments here.

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