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PC Version Of Dark Souls II Ain't No Port

A word of warning: I have never played Dark Souls, and this information is coming from French website GameKult's interview with a Yui Tanimura, the Japanese game director of Dark Souls II. I am merely an information conduit. A nexus from them to you, with news that the complaints of the horrible, nasty port job of the previous game was noticed and taken into account. Dark Souls II is being developed as a PC game. Hooray!

I don't doubt for a minute that the focus of all the advertising and stuff will be on the console ports, but recent demonstrations of the game running have been on the PC. It already exists as a PC game, and according to GameKult it is said to be the "base" of all the other versions. I'm not insulting the TV boxes, but it's good that the PC version will be dedicated to the platform, because when you simply yank a game from the box of X and clamp it in a GFWL chastity belt, bad things happen. The PC version is up and running at twice the framerate as the consoles, for example.

Adam has already dropped his thought bombs on the small amount of knowledge that's dripped out so far, and I won't be offended if you look back at his words, because he is an expert on Dark Souls. He is also from Manchester. Coincidence?

Happier times ahead, then. If you have 12 spare minutes, IGN had the first look at the game running. Which I have stolen. This is a proper Frankenstein's monster of a post, isn't it?

Thanks, Tech2.

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