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Peek Into The Forest Trailer

The Lost game Ubisoft put out a few years ago was a stinky pile of monster droppings. It was such a shame: if they'd managed to do it correctly, they might have stolen a march on what can only be described as a tsunami of survival games. It's a genre that's exploded in recent years. There's people vs zombies, there's people vs dinosaurs, and now there's people vs trees, in The Forest. Oh, alright. I'm joking. But it's what's in the trees that's scary.

It has a lot of the building blocks of Lost: you're the survivor of a planecrash that lands on an island. The music is plunky piano Lost-style, and the island looks lush, with a tide that rises and rolls, and plants that will grow and die. During the day it's a proper game of collection and building, where you'll hunt for resources to build a camp. Fires will need built, food gathered. The resources to make shelter, barricades and traps will need to be sourced before night falls.

Because elsewhere on the island are a collection of GENETIC MUTANT HUMANS!

[Lost intro sting]

See, it's not enough that you survive against nature. Not when there's loads of unnature to invent and make angry and scary. They look like naked Slender Men, and clearly have an irrational fear of smokers. Though the trailer puts the player right in their cave, there's a few ways of dealing with them, including running and hiding, or standing ground at your own fort.

Guess what? You're right, there's a Greenlight page for it.

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The Forest


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