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Peer Pressure: Try Blended Together's Free Demo

Robot rage

As I'm sure is the case with you many of guys, after a busy week I like to relax with relaxing games. Be it a shooter, an RPG, a walking simulator, whatever - as long as I can switch off and chill out at weekends with a game that doesn't ask too much of me I'm happy. Puzzle-platformer Blended Together [Itch page] isn't one of these games, but it is great fun and super-challenging. It's also just released a free five-level demo.

Which might not sound like much but I've spent the last 45 minutes stuck on level four. Don't let its lovely hand-drawn murder grounds fool you - I'm hunched over my PC, my palms are sweating and my girlfriend has repeatedly told me to stop swearing under my breath. This isn't how I normally spend my weekends but I'm not leaving this chair until it's done. Here, this is what I'm up against:

In Blended Together, the arrow keys move two miniature robot characters around its levels simultaneously, and hitting space makes both of them jump at the same time. Due to the layout of levels, this means you're sometimes forced to keep an eye on both characters, while other occasions let you away with focusing on just one. In the above, those spiky chandeliers on the left drop down in different rhythms, therefore I'm forced to mostly watch that character while I sort-of blindly navigate the right-hand chap towards the crudely-drawn lever that sits below the "level 4" masthead. Once that's activated, the left-hand platform drops and I just CANNOT get past those recoiling boxing gloves thereafter. I've failed around a gajillion times.



*Deep breath*

If you reckon you can do better, the demo for Dead Brain Gaming's Blended Together can be played in-browser over on Itch free-of-charge. If you beat level 4 let me know below, but I'll most certainly want to see photographic evidence as proof!

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