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Persona 5 Strikers: Ango Natsume Sendai investigation rumours walkthrough

Who to talk to for Ango Natsume's rumour investigation.

In Persona 5 Strikers, there’s something of a theme prior to entering jails. That’s right, another investigation. It’s not too hard though - here’s how to investigate around Sendai to find rumours on Ango Natsume in Persona 5 Strikers.

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How to complete the Ango Natsume investigation in Shibuya

Upon entering Sendai and after getting the lay of the land, your team will swiftly realise that Ango Natsume radiates pretty bad vibes. He’s up himself, annoying, and wildly successful. Sounds pretty familiar - here’s all the locations you’ll need to head to in order to investigate the rumours surrounding Ango Natsume in Sendai.

  1. Talk to the Entranced Woman outside the department store where you begin. She’ll tell you about the book signing Natsume is doing
  2. There’s nothing to the south, so go west towards your friends and the shopping arcade
  3. Find the Skeptical Woman just past Ann as you walk into the shopping district. She says she keeps hearing about Ango and that he’s a ‘pretentious prick’
  4. There’s a general store on the street just before you get to Yusuke. Apparently Ango likes their products
  5. Talk to Haru and she’ll say some of Big Bang Burger’s staff are being impacted by Natsume fever
  6. Talk to the girls murmuring across the road from Haru and Futaba. They’ll start talking about an author named Bookwyrm who shut down her social media accounts because her voice wasn’t heard. Ango’s book was suspiciously similar to hers too…

And that’s all! You can head back to the campervan or stick around in town for the moment to make some purchases in preparation for the upcoming jail adventure. I recommend stocking up on frozen pineapple, available on the right hand side of the arcade. It’s a solid SP-restoring item and you can buy 3 each time you head into town. It’s especially helpful for boss battles - they can really take time.

That’s all you need to know for the Sendai investigation in Persona 5 Strikers! If you’re hanging out in Sendai, check out our guide for Ann’s Sendai Sweets mission, and for those of you moving on in the story, we’ve got a Sapporo investigation guide to help you out there.

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