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Persona 5 Strikers: How to find the Father and Mother Fox Shrines in the Kyoto Jail

No days off in Kyoto - there's foxes to find.

In Persona 5 Strikers’ Kyoto jail, you’ll be tasked with figuring out the fox statue’s secret in order to unlock the passage onward. In order to do this, you must find your way around a tricky maze which keeps teleporting you around the place willy nilly. Thankfully, in the Kyoto jail, the teleporters are at least consistent, so here’s how to find the Father and Mother Fox Shrines in Persona 5 Strikers.

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How to find the Mother and Father Fox Shrines in the Kyoto jail

When you’re running around the Kyoto jail, you’ll need to unlock the statue pathway to make progress in this big ol’ maze. Not to worry though! Just follow our step-by-step walkthrough and you’ll be golden.

Beginning of jail

Enter the jail and follow the only available route. You travelled through here during Zenkichi’s stealth mission, but now there won’t be as many enemies to slow you down.

Use cover points to ambush what enemies do appear, and you should be able to take them down pretty easily, especially if you have wind and nuke skills on deck.

Activate the ‘Fox Couple Statue’ checkpoint and look at the statue to discover a blocked path, so turn right and go up through the archway.

Father Fox Shrine

Once you’re up in the next courtyard, listen in to guards whispering about a ‘Father Fox Shrine’. Sounds like you need to go there, and here’s how:

  1. Eavesdrop on the exclamation point by the wall. The guard says the shrine is all the way northeast of the complex. However, this place has weird teleporters which whisk you around the place
  2. Go through the archway directly onward from the initial guards talking (on the jail’s map it’ll show as you heading leftwards)
  3. Listen to more guards talking about how you’re getting close to the correct shrine
  4. Continue on the only available path and you’ll see two more guards talking about a stray cat
  5. Keep going, and check the fence to listen to the guards. They’ll tell you the area before Father Fox Shrine is called Parting Square
  6. Continue on and you’ll reach the Parting Square checkpoint. Activate it
  7. Go to the enemy on the map prepared with wind and nuke abilities. It’s a great idea to bring Makoto into the battle. Attack the enemy and defeat the Ancient Lord
  8. Go on through the gate the enemy was guarding, and boom. You’re at Father Fox Shrine

Before advancing to the shrine proper, make sure you have wind abilities in your arsenal. The boss, Calamitous Cat God, is only weak to wind, and is strong against elec and curse. It takes no damage from bless too. Use the party poppers to break its defences and give you the opportunity for an all-out attack.

Mother Fox Shrine

On the way back to the couple shrine, you’ll hear voices talking if you eavesdrop on them. They say this:

”Couple, Harmony, Parental, Daughter, Fortune. Don’t forget to say your prayers!”

Head back to the Fox Couple Statue and examine it. Now, you’ll need to decipher the riddle and carry out the ritual to reach the Mother Fox Shrine.

Interact with the Fox Couple Statue and offer a prayer to it. It’ll repeat the ritual order. Next is the Harmony Shrine. Remember, you can see the name of the area you’re in in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

From facing the Fox Couple Statue, turn left and go down through the archway. Then, turn left again and go through the swirly teleporter. This’ll put you in the Path of Harmony, so you can pray at the shrine here. Don’t forget to grab the treasure chest here too. Next up is the Parental Shrine.

From the Path of Harmony, head directly forward through the gate you didn’t come through. This takes you straight to Parental Square, so pray here too. Next up is the Daughter Fox Shrine, which is close to the entrance of the area.

Continue on through the Parental Square, and exit the teleporter. Turn left, and go past the Fox Couple Statue, up through the archway. Pray at the Daughter Fox Shrine, and last up is the Fortune Shrine.

Exit the Daughter Fox Shrine area to the west/left pathway according to the map. It looks like the path leads to a treasure chest, but it actually leads to the Path of Fortune. Pray at this shrine, and you’ve completed the puzzle. Congrats!

Enter the teleporter that opens at the Shrine of Fortune and you’ve reached the Mother Fox Shrine. Prepare for battle against Monk of the Valley, and ensure you’re using ice and gun abilities. This makes Yusuke, Zenkichi, and Haru good team members for this battle.

Now you just have to head back the way you came! There’s probably not a lot of shadows about either, since you’ve had to barge through them a bunch already. Interact with the Fox Couple Statue and it’ll split to let you on through.

Now you’re in for a boss fight against some oddly-familiar foes. For more Persona 5 Strikers guides, check out our tips on getting more BOND points, or advice on maximising SP in jails.

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