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Persona 5 Strikers Sapporo ramen: how to complete Ryuji’s ‘Love Soupreme’ request

Ryuji sure loves his ramen.

In Persona 5 Strikers, Ryuji will give you a text after you’re kicked out of the jail when the Jack Frosts start their cleanup operation. Before heading back in, you can go meet him in town and help him out with a mission. Our hungry boy wants ramen, so here’s where to get the legendary ramen for Ryuji in Persona 5 Strikers.

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How to complete Ryuji’s ramen request

Ryuji can be found in Sapporo’s town hanging out with Ann. He’ll be super excited to go to Migoku and get that legendary ramen, but apparently it’s sold out already! Damn. It must be good. Not to worry though - there’s an alternative way to get meal tickets, and here’s how. Make sure you accept the Love Soupreme request in the requests menu after talking to Ryuji.

Ramen meal ticket location

Sophia will tell you you’re looking for a shop in Suzushino with ‘a red sign’, with no more details available. No problem! It turns out there’s a million shops with red signs, but here’s where you need to go from where Ryuji is standing:

Cross the big road from where Ryuji spoke to you and talk to the sighing manager of the pharmacy. The shop has a giant red sign that says ‘AKAGIRE’, so it should be easy to spot.

However, the guy will tell you you can’t have any meal tickets! Horrifying stuff, to be sure. Apparently you’d be ‘injuring the chef’ by doing so. The chef just works too hard and his elbow’s about to give out. The pharmacy manager tries to help by refusing to give out the tickets. The only way to fix it would be a custom-made compression sleeve.

Thankfully, Sophie is able to locate them, so all is not lost.

Ryuji excitedly talks about eating the special ramen in Sapporo.

Where to get compression sleeve materials

Accept the request from Sophia before doing anything else. Then, you’ll need to defeat 10 Mothmen with Sophie. Make sure she’s in your party and use her in the Sapporo jail.

Travel to the Arboretum checkpoint and jump down to fight the enemies below. You’ll need to defeat 10 of them, and if you have the Bug Blaster request active then you can double up on this achievement if you fancy by shooting them with Sophie’s gun. Don’t worry about the main story too - you won’t be forced into a boss battle and you can just wander in, kill 10 moths, and leave.

Report The Apothecary’s Connection as complete in the requests menu and you’ll be rewarded with extra BOND exp. Return to the pharmacy and talk to the manager once again. He’ll be delighted with the skinned Mothmen you’ve brought along, and you can now purchase meal tickets for the ramen.

Make sure you purchase two tickets, for a total of 1600 yen, and go to the requests menu. Report Love Soupreme as complete, and the Ramen Freak will thank you with all his heart. That’s some BOND exp for you, and some delicious legendary ramen for Ryuji. Talk to Ann while you’re here too - you’ll gain a new recipe to cook for the squad - Jingisukan. This’ll take lamb meat, cabbage, and onion, and restores 40 HP to all allies.

That’s all you need to know about filling up on ramen! It’s made me hungry now. While I grab lunch, why don’t you check out some more of our Persona 5 Strikers guides, from how to restore SP in jails to how to complete Sapporo’s investigation.

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