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Persona 5 Strikers: Trapped in a Frozen Hell walkthrough

Help the desire escape Sapporo's frozen hell.

In Persona 5 Strikers’ Sapporo jail, you’ll want to complete the Trapped in a Frozen Hell request in order to unlock a BOND skill level cap and speed up your point gain. Here’s how to complete the Trapped in a Frozen Hell request in Persona 5 Strikers.

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How to accept and complete the Trapped in a Frozen Hell request

When Mona sends you the request, make sure you go into the requests menu and accept it. According to the description, it’s in an area with ‘nice, clean air’, and somewhere with ‘a lot of trees around’. Here’s where to go to get it.

Where to find the forgotten desire

In the Sapporo jail, you’ll want to take the fast travel checkpoint to the Arboretum. You’ll spawn at the top of the mountain by the snowboarding segment, but instead of going down the slope, turn back and jump down the cover points and go through the hallway.

Once you’re through the big room with all the enemies and the chandelier in it, keep going until you reach the back wall. The final item collectible in this area is the forgotten desire.

Pick it up, retrace your steps, and leave the jail. This means you’re able to report the request, and unlock the level cap for the ‘Bondmaker’ skill.

That’s all you need to know about the Trapped in a Frozen Hell mission, and you should be able to upgrade your BOND level much faster now. Here’s a handy guide on which BOND skills to focus on, as well as some advice on restoring SP in jails.

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