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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013's 2012 Demo #2

When I was still capable of leaving the house without needing to have a nice sit down on the first bench I saw, I couldn't make it to any sort of social gathering without bearing unwilling witness to some manner of tedious debate about how and why Pro Evolution Soccer was much better than FIFA. There were gesticulations, there were phrases like 'ball control' and there were near-orgasmic facial expressions. It was Quake III vs Unreal Tournament, but for bores. As far as I can tell - by which I mean by maintaining a safe distance from anyone who might ever mention it, but somehow wandering into stray comments nonetheless - FIFA now has the foot-to-ball fan's favour once again, with Konami's former king now on something of a back foot. I could well be wrong that, though. Listen, I'm just trying to fill space before inserting a link to the demo. Have I made it far enough yet?

There's already been one demo, but with PES 2012 now on sale (it wound up in third place in the UK charts this week) a second one has cropped up. I'm not totally sure how it differes from the first one, but it includes these teams: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Valencia, Athletic Bilbao, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Scunthorpe United, Juventus,Santos, Corinthians, Boca Juniors and Chivas. There's also some manner of training feature.

All yours for a single, crystalline gigabyte. That's actually quite small for a demo these days, isn't it?

You can download it direct from Konami here, or failing that Gamershell's servers tend to be stoutly reliable.


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