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Feed, chase, and pet fat pigeons in this cute free game


I do have a soft spot for pigeons, strutting around city squares and cooing like a flock of gossips fussing over a biscuit tin. Better dottering pigeons than murderous seagulls, that's for sure. But real-life pigeons can be a bit manky and mangled, so thank goodness that modern technology has enabled the creation of simulated pudgy pigeons in the aptly-named Pigeon Game. It's a free little doodad set inside a small virtual park, where we can throw sunflower seeds to orbic pigeons, chase them, and even pet their squidgy bodies if they come to like us. What a future we live in!

You can download Pigeon Game free for Windows and Mac from Itch.io. It's made by Leura Smith and Zachariah Chandler, started as a university project over four weeks.

It lets us feed the ravenous horde:

Chase the bulbous vermin:

And, once we've fed a pigeon enough, it'll fall asleep so we can creep up and stroke its puffy bod:

I'm mmmostly here for the cooing noises and making those fat balls distort. Who's a good squidgeon? It's you! Yes you are. Yes you are!

Smith says "the end goal" is to be able to feed, chase, and pet "as well as HOLD not only pigeons, but a bunch of different kinds of birds."

To hold various birds! What a dream.

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