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Pet Simulator X Codes [February 2023]: Redeem codes for currencies and boosts

The latest updates on codes for freebies in Pet Simulator X

Looking for the latest Pet Simulator X codes for Diamonds, Coins, Luck, and more? Pet Simulator X is a cute critter collection game hosted on Roblox. Pet games are a popular unofficial sub-genre on the platform, but PSX leans more heavily into the collection and upgrading side of things than the usual social sim fare, with a greater emphasis on collecting better pets to make more Coins and Diamonds to unlock better pets… and so on.

Pet Simulator X codes are on hiatus right now, but when they're available they can be redeemed for a variety of sweet freebies, mainly in-game currencies and occasional boosts. Read on for details of past and future codes in Pet Simulator X.

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Pet Simulator X codes list

Last checked on: February 1st, 2023

There are currently no active codes for Pet Simulator X, but we've got our eyes peeled for their long-awaited return. Check back here for more news as soon as we have it.

How to redeem Pet Simulator X codes

The code redemption page within Pet Simulator X is a little hidden away, but once you know how to get there it's very easy to redeem your codes.

On the game's home page, press the round button with a cat icon on the lower edge of the screen to open the menu; then from the options at the bottom, click the gold icon to bring up the in-game store. Scroll all the way down to the end of the shop menu and click on the "Redeem Game Codes!" panel to bring up a pop-up where you can enter your code(s).

Note that you need to have achieved at least Basic Rank in the game in order to redeem codes.

Expired Pet Simulator X codes

  • 1billion
  • 1Mfollowers
  • 1mplus300k
  • 404roblox
  • 700kDiamonds
  • alienpets
  • anothertriple
  • Back2Back
  • bandsundrbidn
  • big1234
  • blamedavid
  • Clouds
  • DiscordDiamonds
  • Easy125k
  • easyboosts
  • EzDiamonds150k
  • FreeDiamonds0
  • halfamillion
  • halfamillion
  • happyholidays
  • happysaturday11
  • im2lucky
  • its1million
  • Lucky50k
  • morecodes3
  • morecoins4u
  • MoreCoins180k
  • plaid1234
  • pumpkin333
  • Release
  • santapaws
  • sorry4thewait
  • steampunkpets
  • Super25k
  • SuperUltra1
  • tonsofcoins
  • Triple80k
  • Triple800
  • TripleCoins999
  • Ultra225k
  • Underworld
  • VoiceChat
  • xmas
  • yaydiamonds2

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