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Phew/Boo: Planetside Next Is Alive/Delayed

Bad, sad times hit Sony Online Entertainment last week, with the revelation that the MMO division is closing three studios, laying off a third of its staff and summarily executing planned spy game The Agency. This all sucks - hope everyone affected finds safe harbour very soon.

So what does this mean for the game we've waited our whole lives* for, the sequel to massively multiplayer manshoot Planetside?

Well, SOE boss/talky-man John Smedley claims Planetside Next has survived the cull, but has been pushed back a bit. Despite this, it's going to get "more resources" to "make it great", he told Planetside Universe.

Let's hope so. I suppose it's better this than rush it out in a wobbly state to try and ensure quick revenues for the ailing Sony wing, but it's hard not to worry this could be the first in a series of delays until we all quietly forget. The dude sounds positive, though.

Also apparently benefitting from the cull that cost 205 people their jobs is the Everquest franchise, which is due to see a new MMO in the not-too-distant. A 'reboot' described as being more colourful (that means more Warcrafty, right?) than its predecessors, Everquest Next joins Planetside Next in getting the lion's share of SOE's remaining attention.

* Well, about seven years. Feels like a lifetime though, eh?

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