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Phoenix Point's Festering Skies DLC and free Behemoth update are out now

Giant enemy crab and several quality-of-life tweaks

I hope when earth is finally assaulted by an enormous cosmic monster, we as a species come up with a more original name than "Behemoth". That's what Phoenix Point is calling the big fella in the header image, who is added to the game in its Festering Skies DLC, out today alongside a free v1.1 update also called Behemoth.

Name aside, the Behemoth does seem cool. He stomps across the game's Geoscape, launching aerial raids, and hides in the ocean between attacks. You, naturally, have new tools and missions through which you fight back.

The DLC is the first released since Phoenix Point made the jump from the Epic Games Store to Steam, with the Year One Edition. It's available now on Steam and costs £7.19/$10/€8.19.

If you don't fancy parting with money today, the free Behemoth update is maybe of more interest. It introduces new quality-of-life features and balance changes to the game.

For example, they've re-balanced the toughness of objects, so that shots "take into account a better calculation of the size and material type" when deciding whether the object gets destroyed. They've also added a visualisation of enemy perception range, so you can tell if you're about to be spotted when trying to move sneakily. The link above lists some other balance tweaks, too.

I looked up the definition of "behemoth" to see what its roots were, and according to Wikipedia, in "later Jewish tradition [the Behemoth] would become food for the righteous." I will consider this a better name for Phoenix Point's biggest enemy, then, if the DLC ends with the player tipping him into a city-sized pot of butter.

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