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Pick up an EVGA 360mm AiO for £82 after a 25% discount on Amazon

A massive amount of cooling for a very reasonable price.

360mm AiOs seem to be becoming more of a necessity these days, with ever-hotted high-end processors from the likes of AMD and particularly Intel. Thankfully, they're also becoming increasingly inexpensive, with this post in particular spotlighting a deal on the EVGA CLC 360. This cooler normally costs £109, but today you can pick it up for £82 after a 25% discount.

The EVGA CLC 360mm includes some subtle RGB lighting on the Asetek-based pump, but the focus here is really on performance. Having three 120mm fans provides a lot of cooling power, and the larger radiator increases the amount of heat that can be soaked before you start to notice higher CPU temperatures. That means the CLC 360mm is ideal for those higher-power CPUs, like Intel's recent Core i9 examples, but it does come with some downsides as well. Most notably, having three fans produces a fair amount of noise, although you can tweak the fan curves to produce less noise at the expense of temperatures.

GamersNexus reviewed the cooler and found that the 360mm option at 1020RPM produces excellent performance, outperforming 240mm options from the likes of NZXT and Corsair at the same noise level, but it's a fairly subtle difference with the older 5930K used in their test.

We'll have more deals to take a look at soon, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, if you're looking for a CPU to pair with your new cut-price CPU cooler, we can recommend you take a look at our compendium of the best gaming CPUs.

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