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Pick up one of Corsair's best PC cases for $100 after a $65 discount

The Corsair 5000D, in black or white.

The Corsair 5000D is a rather good PC case, but as it's fairly new it's normally quite expensive - like $165 on Amazon expensive. So it brings me good cheer to announce that Woot are doing the case in white or black for just $99.99, the lowest price we've ever recorded for this model.

So: the 5000D. This is the standard model, offering a steel front (rather than more expensive glass or ventilated metal variants), so you get a case that is reasonably quiet while still offering decent thermals and a clean look. This is a mid-tower case, so it's suitable for ATX motherboards or smaller, with room for 360mm radiators / AiOs in the top, side or front. You can fit 10 120mm fans in here, and two come pre-installed which is nice. Overall, it's a pretty healthy size that should allow you to fit all but the most extravagant PC builds inside.

I've been using the slightly larger 7000D Airflow, which shares a design with the 5000D, and I've been impressed with the ease of the build process. There's plenty of channels and velcro pre-installed to clear up cable mess, easy access to each compartment and you can remove some of the default pieces if you'd prefer a more open design that reveals more of your components. The rear panel has a hinged door which adds to the weight of the case, but also hides away the bulk of your cables which is handy. The I/O offering is also comprehensive, with two full-size USB ports, one USB-C, a 3.5mm combo jack and dedicated power and reset buttons.

Reviews for the 5000D are warm almost across the board, so do consider picking up this case if you're planning a new build or just fancy a new case to contain your existing PC. $99 is a heck of a deal!

Tune in later for more PC deals as we discover them, but until then farewell!

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